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Exclusively for expectant mums planning to deliver their babies at Mount Alvernia Hospital, MyFamilySecure is a complimentary 6-month personal accident plan for you,
your newborn and spouse.

MyFamilySecure – Free personal accident plan

Key Benefits*
Coverage / Options 
Mum-to-be / Dad Newborn
Accidental Death S$50,000 S$50,000
Accidental Total and
Permanent Disability
S$50,000 S$50,000
Accidental Medical Reimbursement Up to S$1,000 Up to S$2,000
Daily Accident Hospitalisation Income  and ICU benefits
(Normal ward – S$100 per day, Max: 100 days;
ICU – S$200 per day, Max: 50 days)
Up to S$200 per day Not
Ambulance fees Up to S500 Up to S$500
Simple fracture or Other Fracture
(Subject to Schedule in the Product Summary)
Up to S$5,000 Up to S5,000
Other Medical Expenses
(For treatment of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, Malaria, Rabies, Melioidosis and Rubella)
Up to S500

Be a member of Alvernia Ladies Card to receive the complimentary 6 months Aviva Personal Accident Plan for you, your child and your spouse.

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