MAH 'NIU' Year Blessings

CNY is around the corner with gifting and various festivities. It is a season filled with joy and reunion with families and loved ones. Before we get caught up with the hustle and bustle of the season, let us not forget the disadvantaged communities around us.

Share your blessings by donating red packets of $60 or more to vulnerable families, neighbours in our midst who need our cheer and support.

Be part of the MAH ‘NIU’ Year Blessings! initiative by Mount Alvernia Hospital (MAH) and the Community Chest to raise funds to support these selected social impact programmes:

  • Family Journey Programme by Care Corner & Project Family by Fei Yue targeted at transnational and early marriages,
  • Big Love by Montfort Care who provides child-centric, family-focused and community-based support.

Moo-ve with your heartbeat, grab the Year of the Ox by the horns and organise a bull-run with your family and friends. Rise up to the occasion and let’s give the gift of joy to fellow neighbours who need an extra helping hand. Join us for this ox-some cause and extend simple acts of kindness and generosity, and a little gift of hope to those who need it most!

MAH ‘NIU’ Year Blessings! is part of Mount Alvernia Hospital’s year-long celebration as we mark 60th Anniversary of SERVING ALL WITH LOVE!

Supporting Charities

About the Charities

Care Corner Singapore Ltd
Founded in 1981 with a vision to bring care to every corner in Singapore, Care Corner hopes to build and promote the well-being of individuals and families in the community through social and healthcare services. With 38 service points island-wide, Care Corner serves disadvantaged children, youths at risk, families in need and vulnerable seniors through an extensive network of social services.

MAH ‘NIU’ Year Blessings! seeks to support their Family Journey Programme (FJP). Targeted at couples in transnational marriages, FJP runs programmes that helps them address challenges arising from cultural differences in their relationships. More critically, support is extended to help these couples overcome financial difficulties, gain access to low cost medical services, integrate foreign spouses into the local community, and provide them with the necessary social resources to maintain stability in their marriages.

Fei Yue Community Services
As one of the pioneers in counselling services, Fei Yue’s mission is to effect life transformation through the provision of quality social services. Exemplified in their values of Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation and Learning, and Thoughtfulness, the organisation believes in uplifting individuals through their programmes by being intentional, purposeful and systematic in delivering services.

Fei Yue’s Project FAMILY aims to provide marital support services for transnational couples. Working together with community partners and volunteers, they conduct workshops and social activities to help connect and build social support for the couples. With the funds raised, Mount Alvernia Hospital hopes to support the couples to transit into parenthood, promote family building and provide a safe environment for their children.

Montfort Care
A member organisation of NCSS and Caritas Singapore, Montfort Care is a network of programmes committed to improving the lives of individuals, families and the community facing transitional challenges.

Montfort Care’s Big Love was established in 2013 with the belief in providing child-centric, family-focused and community-based support. Their programmes are specially created to care for families with Child Protection concerns and to enable families to improve functioning and build resilience. Mount Alvernia Hospital aims to rally behind Big Love’s philosophy in caring and bringing hope to vulnerable children and families. Let’s join them as described in their values to "Dare To Be Different" to make a difference, "Chiong" to overcome limitations and drive to make things happen, "Work Together" to co-create sustainable solutions.