“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Sir Winston Churchill

Join us in ending our 60th anniversary celebrations by raising funds for our 3 adopted charities. Spread love and cheer to transnational families and vulnerable children. See their faces light up knowing that they have a hope and a future because your generous donations have made the programmes below possible.

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Jason (from Big Love - Montfort Care)

When Jason was 7 years old, his father tried to drown him by dunking his head into a pail of water. Since then, he would frequently wake up screaming and crying in the night. Through Big Love’s creative therapies, Jason has started to process his trauma. His ability to give voice to his feelings and experiences is a step toward his healing and restoration.

Sarina (from Care Corner)

Sarina* suffered from a low-lying placenta that caused bleeding during her pregnancy, resulting in a hospitalisation bill amounting to about $30,000. The family was already struggling with basic necessities and as a foreign spouse she was ineligible for government support. Care Corner worked to reduce her medical bills and raised more than $9,000 to cover the remaining outstanding amount.

Fai’qah (from Fei Yue)

When COVID-19 struck, Fai’qah’s husband who was the sole breadwinner was retrenched and they struggled to put food on the table for their young family of 6. Thankfully, Project FAMILY was able to procure food donations from FOODBANK to the family and this timely act of kindness lifted their spirits up.


Here are the 4 ways that you can donate:


    *Do note that this option does not offer any tax deduction.



    • *Do note that a minimum amount of $10 is required.
    • *This option offers a 250% tax deduction
    • Do note that a minimum amount of $10 is required.
    • This option offers 250% tax deduction.
    • Please make cheques payable to ‘Community Chest’. Include name, NRIC number, address and phone number.
    • Drop cheque off at Patient Liaison Centre located next to the Alvernia Retail Pharmacy at the main lobby
  4. CASH
    • Do note that this option does not offer any tax deduction
    • Kindly call 63476650 for cash collection arrangement.

Supporting Charities

Our adopted charities

Big Love - Montfort Care
Big Love programmes are specially created to care for families with Child Protection concerns and to enable families to improve functioning and build resilience. Mount Alvernia Hospital aims to rally behind Big Love’s philosophy in caring and bringing hope to vulnerable children and families.

Care Corner Singapore Ltd
Mount Alvernia Hospital is supporting Care Corner’s programme targeted at couples in transnational marriages. Support is extended to help these couples overcome financial difficulties, gain access to low cost medical services, integrate foreign spouses into the local community, and provide them with the necessary social resources to maintain stability in their marriages.

Fei Yue Community Services
Fei Yue’s programme aims to provide marital support services for transnational couples. Mount Alvernia Hospital hopes to support the couples to transit into parenthood, promote family building and provide a safe environment for their children.