25 Dec 2018

SINGAPORE, DECEMBER 25, 2018 – A baby girl and a baby boy have been delivered at Mount Alvernia Hospital at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Day, each were just 4 seconds apart.

Baby Girl – Charlie Choong
Weighing a healthy 2.750kg, the baby girl Charlie Choong, was delivered naturally at 00:00:00 after her mother went into labour for four hours.

She is the first baby for parents, Choong Yong Thai, 31, a banker and Chua Si Qi, 29, a optometrist. The couple knew each other since school days and has been dating for 10 years before getting married 27 months ago, on 25 Sep 2015.

As the estimated delivery date is 30 Dec 2018, the couple was expecting a New Year’s Day baby. “It is a surprise that it turn out to be our best Christmas gift.”

Baby Boy – Mohamed Hanif
Weighing 3.265kg, the baby boy, Mohamed Hanif, was delivered naturally at 00:00:04 after his mother went into labour for five hours.

This baby is the second child for proud parents, Ibrahim Bin Mohamed Ridwan, 36 and Canete Eunice Sara Clave, 27. Ibrahim works in the operations team in the oil and gas company, while Canete is a homemaker.

“His expected date of delivery is on 26 December. Hence we were shopping in the mall on the eve of Christmas, until I felt the contraction,” Canete recalled. “I knew that it is time and we drove to the hospital with our pre-packed bag in the car.”

“We are always delighted when we deliver a new baby into this world. The Christmas babies added the significance. We wish all babies good health and a blessed journey in life,” said Ms Shirley Tay, Director, Nursing, Mount Alvernia Hospital.

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