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Who is eligible to apply for the Alvernia Ladies Card?

Only maternity patients or any other person as may be approved by Mount Alvernia Hospital are eligible to apply.

Kindly refer to the ‘Terms and Condition’ portion in the link here for more details.

Can I sign up for the Alvernia Ladies Card online?

You may sign up via our hospital’s main site here.

After registration, you will receive an email confirmation of application for the Alvernia Ladies Card.

What are the benefits of Alvernia Ladies Card?

For the list of benefits for Alvernia Ladies Card, click here.

I have received the email confirmation of registering for the Alvernia Ladies Card. Is the card ready for collection immediately?


You can proceed down to our Patient Liaison Centre for collection on weekdays during office hours from 9am-5pm.

However if you wish to collect during the weekends, please provide us a date so we can prepare and leave your ladies card and welcome gift pack at our Information Counter, Main Lobby.

What if I lost my Alvernia Ladies Card? What should i do? Can i get a replacement?

If the Card is lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen, you must report this immediately to us. In such event, we may at our discretion issue a replacement subject to a nominal replacement fee and the card will be a plastic card with no Ezlink function.

We can print a 1-time replacement ladies card for you. Just come down to our hospital at our Patient Liaison Centre at Main Lobby and inform one of the patient liaison executives. They will then proceed to print for you.

You can come down to our Patient Liaison Centre during operating hours.

How do I extend my membership validity?

Membership period is fixed at two years from the application date.
Upon expiration, you can register again for the membership.
To register, click here

In the event that I am not able to collect my card, can I ask someone else to do so on my behalf?

Yes, you can!
The person making the collection will need to proceed to Patient Liaison Centre with the copy of the email card registration confirmation.
The Patient Liaison Centre is located next to Alvernia Retail Pharmacy and operates on weekdays, 9am to 5pm.

Who should I contact for enquiry?

If you need more information, details or further questions on membership, please email at [email protected] or call at 63476788.

In the meantime without my card, how do I make use of the benefits?

You can use your payment receipt for verification.

Where do I collect my card?

Patient Liaison Centre (located next to Alvernia Retail Pharmacy)
Opening hours : Weekdays 9am to 5pm

What is the card validity?

Membership is valid for two years from the application date. You may sign up anytime before you are admitted to Mount Alvernia Hospital.
To register, click here

Should I always bring my baby to a doctor at any sign of a fever?

Fever can be a concern in babies. Take your baby to a doctor if there are signs of other symptoms with fever such as:

  • High body temperature of 38 degrees celcius and above
  • Irritability such as excessive crying and difficulty sleeping
  • Lethargy and unresponsiveness
  • Refusal to feed

At 5 years and above, your child is more capable of having a functioning immune system that can deal with a fever on his own.

What if it’s a false labour?

The couple can continue to monitor the following symptoms to find out if false labour is becoming real labour.

Contractions They will intensify with activity instead of subsiding and are not relieved by changing position.

Vaginal Discharge It becomes pinkish or blood-streaked instead of brownish.

Signs of Labour

Cervix softens and thinsWhen labour begins, the mother’s cervix will soften and thin. This is known as effacement. Doctors will check for signs of your cervix effacing with vaginal exams – the mother won’t be able to detect this change. The mother’s cervix has to be completely thinned out before you can be ready for a vaginal delivery.

Dilation At the same time, the mother’s cervix will also begin to open (dilate) to about 3 cm.

Bloody show Mothers may also notice stringy mucus or a thick discharge that’s usually brown, and sometimes tinged with blood. This is the plug of mucus that blocks the cervical opening to prevent bacteria from entering the uterus during pregnancy, but will usually be discharged when the cervix effaces and dilates.

Water breaks The baby in the uterus is cushioned by an amniotic sac – a membrane that’s filled with fluid. When the sac leaks or breaks, it’s usually a signal that labour is about to begin. The longer the membranes are ruptured, the higher the chances of infection, so if labour doesn’t begin on its own, it’s best to get a doctor to induce labour.

Contractions True contractions that signal the start of labour will be in a regular pattern that gets stronger and more frequent. Fathers can help time the contractions to determine this. Mothers will feel the labour pains begin high, and then radiating throughout the abdomen and lower back. If it’s only concentrated in the lower abdomen, then it’s a false labour.

Mood Swings

The flood of hormones in your body in early pregnancy can make you unusually emotional and weepy. Swings in your mood, from bliss to deep gloom are also common, especially in the first trimester. Pregnancy can be a cheerful time, but not always, and not for every woman.

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