Alvernia Ladies Card

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Blissful Maternity

Having a baby is an exciting and delightful experience. It is also a time of anticipation and great expectations, despite being one of the normal experiences of life. To help defray cost of starting a family, you can use the card to register for childbirth education classes, present it when paying your hospital bill and bring your little one for paediatric consultation* at a lower fee. In addition, you will receive information on maternity packages, invitation to baby care seminars, baby and mummy nutrition talks to prepare you for the arrival of the little one.

Comprehensive Healthcare Card

As a woman, there’s a lot you can do to prevent health problems, including maintaining or improving your health and preventing disease to help you live a healthy life. You can also expect lower cost on all standard health screening services, 24-hour outpatient consultation and all your health and medical supplies from the Alvernia Retail Pharmacy.


What is the card validity?
Membership is valid for two years from the application date. You may sign up anytime before you are admitted to Mount Alvernia Hospital.

Where do I get my card?
Patient Liaison Centre (located next to Alvernia Retail Pharmacy)
Opening hours : Weekdays 9am to 5pm

In the meantime, how do I make use of the benefits?
You can use your payment receipt for verification.

Who should I contact for enquiry?
If you need more information, details or further questions on membership, please email at or call at 63476788.

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