Optimize Your Health through Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is important to optimize your health. A sensible and well-balanced diet with adequate amounts of nutrients from different food groups helps you to fight diseases, correct nutrient inadequacies and obtain the right amount of calories you need for daily activities.

At Mount Alvernia Hospital, we offer dietary consultation to both inpatients and outpatients. We also conduct public nutrition talks. Our dieticians can assess your nutritional requirements and develop a personalized nutrition plan for good health. We cater for the following:

  • Healthy eating for optimal health
  • Nutrition for pregnant mothers
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Nutrition for toddlers and growing children (e.g. Fussy eaters)
  • Nutrition for elderly persons with specific nutrition needs
  • Living with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gout, cancer, diseases related to kidney, liver, heart or digestive system
  • Overweight: Achieving your optimal weight
  • Unintentional weight loss and nutrition deficiency
  • Special needs: tube feeding

Tel: +65 6347 6702
Mon to Fri: 8.30am to 5pm
Sat: 8.30am to 1pm

Please obtain a doctor’s referral before you call for an appointment