Our Rehabilitation Centre provides both inpatient and outpatient therapy services by qualified physiotherapists, speech therapists and occupational therapists in the areas of paediatric medicine, orthopaedic surgery, geriatric medicine, general medicine, cardiopulmonary and neurological rehabilitation medicine and general surgery.

The aim of our service is to identify and address impairment, maximise functional activity and promote active participation for better quality of life.

Some of our programmes include:

NESt Workshop

NESt stands for Nutrition and Engagement for Seniors today. It is a unique hybrid workshop integrating dietetics and occupational therapy to address common aging problems with the aim of helping seniors to age gracefully and improve their quality of life. This workshop is suitable for seniors and their caregivers to be equipped with knowledge on enhancing nutritional needs, physical and cognitive engagement.

Seniors will be empowered to make proper food choices for good nourishment and learn techniques to better engage in daily activities, hobbies, and people in everyday life. Caregivers will acquire the skills necessary to properly take care of seniors while encouraging them to regain independence. A doctor’s referral is not required.

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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Programme

The physiotherapist provides assessment and treatment to alleviate impairment such as pain and swelling, and improve the integrity of the musculoskeletal system of your body in order to facilitate recovery and injury prevention.

This programme is suitable for a person with back or neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, arm pain and leg pain or post joint and orthopaedic surgeries. A medical referral is required to exclude pain with non-mechanical origin.

Speech Articulation and Fluency Programme

This programme is for adults and children who have difficulty pronouncing words or displaying disturbances in speech fluency commonly known as stuttering or stammering.

Neuro-rehabilitation Programme

This programme is suitable for a person presenting with neurological deficits from stroke and neurosurgical procedures. It improves movement control, tolerance of positions and activities, cognition, swallowing ability, speech intelligibility and promotes active participation in their activities of daily living. We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care, involving physiotherapists, speech therapists and occupational therapists. A medical referral is required.

Voice Care Programme

The speech therapist conducts assessment on the quality of voice, resonance, pitch and loudness and provides treatment and advice accordingly. This could be conducted on a one-to-one session or group session. Lectures on voice care can also be arranged upon request.

Dysphagia Rehabilitation Programme

This programme is designed for adults or children with swallowing difficulties and individuals who are on nasogastric feeding for a long time. Swallowing evaluation is also recommended to ensure safety of oral feeding for those in need of special attention.

Stress Management

This programme is for persons interested in managing their lifestyles in a positive manner. This could be conducted on a one-to-one session or group session by an occupational therapist. It covers four specific topics: education on stress, relaxation techniques, directing thoughts and time management.

Chest Physiotherapy Programme

Physiotherapist will assess and provide interventions as part of the clinical management for adults or children with chest infection. A medical referral is required.

Children Speech and Language Programme

The speech therapist provides speech and language assessment and specialised management to help children to achieve their greatest potential in the areas of communication, speech and language skills that are age-appropriate. The programme may involve close collaboration with parents, teachers and other professionals, parent education and counselling, referrals to appropriate agencies such as psychologists, audiologists and special schools.

This programme is suitable for children who are in mainstream schools as well as those who require special needs.

Sports Physiotherapy Programme

The sports physiotherapists provide assessment and treatment in order to relieve pain, maximise function and prevent further sporting injuries. Our goal is to get our athletes and patients back to their sporting activities as soon as possible.

This programme is suitable for persons who have sustained recent or recurrent injuries over a leisure sports game or during competitive sports training or competition.

Home visits for physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy are available upon request.

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