Doctor's Profile

Dr Harold Choi Kah Yen

Eyes (Ophthalmology)


Eagle Eye Centre Pte Ltd (EEC)


Mount Alvernia Hospital
820 Thomson Road
Medical Centre D
Singapore 574623

Clinic Hours

9am to 5pm (Mon to Fri)
9am to 12pm (Sat)


Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist
Director of Cornea Services & Refractive Surgery

Cataract Surgery, Corneal Diseases, Implantable Contact Lens Surgery, LASIK, Presbyopia Treatment & Refractive Surgery

Dr Harold Choi graduated from the National University of Singapore and obtained his Masters in Medicine (Ophthalmology), and Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. He was a clinical lecturer at the NUS.

He is trained in general ophthalmology, and has special interests in cataract surgery, pterygium surgery, LASIK and other corrective eye surgery, corneal diseases, inflammatory eye conditions, glaucoma, diabetic retinal disease and age-related macular degeneration. He has received formal accreditation in performing LASIK, toric and multifocal intraocular lens implant surgery, laser for diabetes, retinal vascular diseases and glaucoma, and intravitreal treatments for age-related macular degeneration. He has received grants for research involving screening for angle closure glaucoma, and genetic analysis of extraocular muscle tissue in eye movement disorders and droopy eyelids. His published research includes topics from allergic keratoconjunctivitis, diabetic macular disease, microscopic findings in droopy eyelids, cataract assessment and grading, and angle closure glaucoma. He has spoken at international conferences on topics ranging from squints in children, eye tumours in children, prevention of myopia progression and astigmatism correction with surgery.

He is active in not-for-profit voluntary health service; he was the organizer of public health screening services in conjunction with World Glaucoma and World Diabetes Day. He has travelled to Bangladesh to treat patients who would otherwise not have had access to medical care. He is a strong advocate of preventive medicine, and has performed voluntary eye screening for thousands of patients. He believes that proper eye care starts young, and has given talks to primary school children and medical school undergraduates.

Dr Harold strives to be at the forefront of medical technology and surgical techniques to enhance patient care, whilst holding fast to age-old values of making his patients’ health and safety his foremost consideration.