If I have an IP, do I need to make any upfront payment for my Hospitalisation?


If you have an IP, our Business Office staff will assist you in applying for an eLOG (Letter of Guarantee)* at the point of admission after getting your authorisation. If you are eligible for eLOG and the amount is sufficient to cover the deposit required, no upfront payment is required.


In the event of extended length of stay, we can also help to apply for additional eLOG (applicable to certain insurers only)*. Similarly, no top-up deposit is required if the additional eLOG amount is sufficient to cover the revised estimated bill size.


On your discharge day, we will re-apply the eLOG if the actual bill size deviates from the initial estimation. Payment is required if your eLOG is unsuccessful or insufficient to cover the balance payable.

In summary, all IPs are on reimbursement basis. If your eLOG amount covers the deposit/balance payable required, you would not need to make any upfront payment to the Hospital.

* Approvals for eLOG/additional eLOG are subject to patients’ policies and insurers’ terms and conditions. There is generally a maximum limit for eLOG, and the amount varies across different insurers.