For Maternity Patients


For your pre-admission preparation, please feel free to refer to our Pregnancy Checklist or visit our Mother & Child site.

Birth Registration Service

From 29 May 2022, all birth registration services over the counter have ceased operations.

All parents, regardless of their immigration or marital status (with or without Singpass), must register the birth of their child via the LifeSG app within 42 days.

Please visit for more information on this service or download the app to use the service now.


Register for a CDA account

You can register for a Child Development Account with our partner POSB here.

Go for baby blessing

We would love to conduct baby blessing for your little one at our chapel. It is available for every newborn regardless of race, nationality or religion. You may contact our ward staff to arrange for a suitable time.

Baby Bonus Application Service

You may apply for this via the LifeSG app as well. Otherwise, you can apply online at using your Singpass account. Please make sure that you have the following documents ready to complete application:

• Bank Account Holder’s account details to receive the cash gift
• Personal particulars of the Bank Account Holder and CDA Trustee if they are a third party (i.e. not the child’s parent)
• Adoption order and Schedule (if your child is adopted)
• Marriage Certificate (for overseas marriages) For more information, please visit the official website at

Please note: Birth registration will not be processed if you fail to produce any of the required documents stated above.