Mount Alvernia Hospital’s 60th Anniversary Weekly Quizzes

Set 4 of 4 Weekly Quizzes (Cutoff date: 31st March 2021)
Quiz 1: Mount Alvernia Hospital is currently building a new 10-storey Maternity and Paediatrics Centre set to open in 2022 to house which of the following:

(a. Maternity wards, b. Delivery wards, c. Paediatric wards, d. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, e. Allied health and ancillary hospital services, f. All of the following)

Quiz 2: Also set to open in 2022, the new Integrated Cancer Centre will provide a holistic approach to cancer care by bringing together medical oncology, haematology and radiation oncology for Singaporeans in need of best-practice treatment.

True or False?

Hints for the questions are available at

Terms and Conditions
1) Management Team and Committee Members of MAH 60th Anniversary are not eligible to participate.

2) Mount Alvernia Hospital reserves the right to:
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