6 Myths of Breastfeeding Debunked

Breastfeeding is good for mums and their newborn baby and it is recommended for the development of the baby and has numerous advantages for the mother’s health also. However, this highly recommended practice is surrounded by myths that concerns mums, especially first time mums.

Our senior lactation consultant, Ms Kang Phaik Gaik seek to debunked some of these myths and share some truth behind these common connotation about breastfeeding.

“Breastfeeding a baby with jaundice will worsen the jaundice level. My MIL recommends formula feed till jaundice goes away.”

There are many factors causes jaundice in newborn babies. It is common that baby develops physiological jaundice few days after birth due to immature liver. Baby may be rather sleepy and may not demand for feeds – infrequent feeding and poor latching on the breasts lead to insufficient calorie intake which may worsen the jaundice. Mother needs to wake sleepy baby to encourage baby to feed. If mother latches baby well frequently to receive enough milk, the calorie of breastmilk helps to bind the bilirubin in baby’s gut with stool to help to excrete the bilirubin through the stools and the jaundice level improves.

“Formula-fed babies feel fuller and sleep better than breastfeed babies.”

Formula-fed babies may not sleep better than breastfeed babies. Baby feel fuller as the formula milk has more casein which changed to milk curds to delay digestion. Baby may experience tummy upset or colic due to bottle feeding. Breastmilk is more soothing to baby’s tummy, easily digested and absorbed, baby sleeps better with comfortable tummy.

“Avoid cooling foods when breastfeeding and if you catch a chill, cold or fever, you cannot breastfeed the baby.”

Breastfeeding mother can take whatever foods she likes in moderation. It is good to monitor any adverse effect in the foods you take to the baby.

If mother has cold and flu, she can continue to breastfeed her baby, her breastmilk will contain antibodies to protect her baby.

If mother has a chill, cold, fever during lactation period, it is good to observe your breasts for blocked milk ducts or mastitis as these are the common symptoms  in mastitis cases.

“Will pumping exclusively decrease supply? I can’t seem to match my baby’s feed needs.”

It is good to latch baby on the breasts to establish breastfeeding and breastmilk production in the first 6 – 8 weeks. It helps to maintain the supply better for longer period.

Latching helps to stimulate better letdown effect to satisfy baby’s needs than the pump.

Have a hot drink, massage breasts before and between expressing helps.

“You shouldn’t breastfeed whilst you’re pregnant.”

Tanderm Nursing is possible when you are pregnant if the pregnancy is uneventful – no contractions or bleeding per vagina.

We hope that these advice have helped to share some light on breastfeeding. If you still have any questions, please contact our Alvernia Parentcraft Services here.