Baby’s First Colours

Part of the adventure of becoming a parent is planning the nursery. We asked experts at Nippon Paint for their advice on painting baby’s very first room outside of the womb.

If you’ve chosen not to know the gender of your baby until the birth, the default option of pink for a girl and blue for a boy obviously won’t apply. A gender-neutral green, perhaps? Or a sunshiny-bright yellow?

In truth, babies don’t develop good colour vision until around four or five months of age. Then the question becomes – do you want to excite and stimulate your baby with bright colours, or calm and soothe your baby with soft colours? If the primary activity that will take place in the room is sleeping, the latter is probably more logical.

Generally speaking, colours on the blue side of the spectrum, including purple and green, tend to have a calming effect. Conversely, colours on the red side of the spectrum, such as orange and yellow, tend to have an energising effect. That said, colour is subjective and not everyone responds to colours in the same way.

Shelly Chan, Marketing Manager at Nippon Paint Singapore and a loving mother of a one-year-old, recommends these colours for nurseries.



Colours Description
Soft Blues Relaxing and calming
Muted greens Evoke feelings of safety and security
Lavender and light purples Soothing and stabilising
Pale pinks Loving and comforting
Earthy neutrals Protective and cosy
Creamy whites Restful and reassuring


Colours aside, your choice of paint can help protect your baby from common bacterial and viral infections, as well as mosquito bites.

“There are now paints available that can kill harmful bacteria and eliminate dengue-carrying mosquitoes. They are highly recommended for painting nurseries and homes with very young or very frail, elderly occupants,” said Shelly.

From calming a baby to ridding a room of germs and mozzies, who knew a can of paint could do so much?

This article is taken from our My Alvernia Magazine Issue #35. Click here to read the issue on our website or on Magzter.