Developing our people

Mount Alvernia Hospital has a strong commitment to supporting our employees for their learning and development and to help them achieve their career aspirations. We are committed to grooming employees to their fullest potential through:

DevelopmentContinuous professional development courses in order to enhance their knowledge and skills in carrying out their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

TrainingOn-going training at ward and department levels such as preceptor training, on-the-job training, team-sharing of knowledge acquired from courses, etc.

SkillsIn-house Learning and Development courses as well as skills training to improve Hospital performance.

CoursesMandatory programmes such as employee orientation, customer services courses, emergency skills courses for trained nurses and allied-health professionals, fire safety, continuous quality improvement.

SponsorshipSponsorship for career and professional courses such as Diploma in Nursing and Allied Health specialties, Advanced Diploma in Nursing and Allied Health specialties, and graduate and postgraduate courses etc.

SupportEncouraging and supporting employees to gain skills and qualifications that meet the Hospital’s needs and support their future employability.

Encouraging Diversity

Singapore’s workforce is inherently diverse because of our multi-racial community and increased globalisation.

Diversity in our nursing, clinical and professional support staff is vital in meeting the needs of people from different walks of life. When members of our team bring different experiences, perspectives and insights to their work, they also help to make the hospital responsive to its community thus, creating a vibrant and fulfilling workplace.