Health Screening

At Mount Alvernia Hospital, we provide personalised executive health screening in a modern and cosy environment using the latest assessment tools such as the Body Composition Analyser (analyses sectional body fat in addition to body composition) and high resolution Visual Chart (to test for colour blindness).

Depending on your needs, you can opt for a basic screening or comprehensive packages. Our health screening services cater to both individuals and employees of corporate organisations. Customisable corporate health screening packages are also available.

You will receive a detailed individualised medical report. This will be reviewed during a private consultation with your doctor, who will explain and provide you with suitable recommendations based on your health profile.

Operating Hours:
Mon to Fri : 8am to 5pm
Saturday : 8am to 1pm
Sun & PH : Closed

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Men's Health

Alvernia Classic (S$422.70*)
This is an essential package for all age groups and gender. It provides a baseline insight into one’s general health status and screens for lifestyle diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes and gout. Besides tests for liver and colon cancer, Hepatitis B and anaemia, it also provides an overview of the kidney, liver and thyroid function.

Alvernia Prime (S$631.30*)
An extension of the Alvernia Classic, this package contains a diagnostic treadmill ECG to help detect ischemia. Suitable for men below 35 years with a need for treadmill ECG test.

Alvernia Premier (S$896.70*)
This package is an in-depth screen for men who are 35 years or older. It is inclusive of cancer markers for prostate and pancreas, while an ultrasound scan helps to examine organs and structures in the upper abdomen.

Alvernia Exclusive (S$1164.20*)
This is the most comprehensive package for men and is highly recommended for men 45 years and above. It adds on to the Alvernia Premier with tests for rheumatoid arthritis, glaucoma and lung function.

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Women's Health

Alvernia Classic (S$422.70*)
This is an essential package for all age groups and gender. It provides a baseline insight into one’s general health status and screens for lifestyle diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes and gout. Besides tests for liver and colon cancer, Hepatitis B and anaemia, it also provides an overview of the kidney, liver and thyroid function.

Alvernia Ladies Prime (S$738.30*)
This package builds upon the Alvernia Classic with four additional tests for a stronger emphasis on women’s wellness. Includes a HIV screen, an abdominal ultrasound, a pap smear and a pelvic ultrasound scan which screens for cysts and fibroids in the reproductive organs.

Alvernia Ladies Premier (S$1067.90*)
Designed for ladies 40 years and above, this package includes additional tests to screen for ovarian and pancreatic cancer, bone mineral status and Hepatitis A. Both mammogram and ultrasound breast scan are included in this package.

Alvernia Ladies Exclusive (S$1421.00*)
Perfect fit for ladies aged 50 years and above, this package builds on the Alvernia Ladies Premier with more tests for rheumatoid arthritis, glaucoma, lung function, fundus photography as well as bone mass scanning for osteoporosis. Both mammogram and ultrasound breast scan are included.

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Heart Screening (S$875.30*)
Regular cardiovascular screening is important because it helps you detect risk factors in their earliest stages. You can treat the risk factor with just simple lifestyle changes and adjustments, before it ultimately leads to the development of cardiovascular disease.

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Wedding Wellness (S$278.50 for individual / S$246.50 per pax for couple*)
Tying the knot is just the beginning of your journey together. Buying a home is usually next. If you are planning to have kids as well, think about doing a health screening as part of your wedding prep. It has a set of comprehensive tests to identify underlying hereditary disease or medical conditions that may affect your own health as well as that of your partner and kids later.

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Silver Health Screening (S$824.00*)
When you are older, you have to take control of your personal health. This package is for those who are 65 years and above and it focuses on early detection for the prevention of cancer and other chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

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Our Basic packages cover key health indicators and consist of a medical review by a doctor, height and weight assessment, ECG test, basic cholesterol profiling, diabetes screen and more. Other tests can be included depending on your needs.

Package Prices
Basic 120 – S$131.60
Basic 150 – S$164.80
Basic 180 – S$198.00
Basic 200 – S$219.40
Basic 220 – S$241.80
Basic 240 – S$263.20

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* All prices are in SGD and include GST.


Mount Alvernia Hospital also offers health screening services to businesses and organisations. Our packages are customisable to your organisation’s healthcare needs. Contact us to create your bespoke corporate health screening programme today.

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Preparation for Health Screening

Things to note

Please fast from 10pm the night before. Only plain water is permitted. This ensures accuracy of your blood test results for glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides.

If your package includes stool analysis, avoid red meat and iron supplements for 3 days. Collect the stool sample (about half a teaspoon), in a sterile plastic container provided by the hospital, the night before or on the morning of the appointment.

The entire screening process may take 3 to 4.5 hours, depending on the package selected.

Do not consume any medication or supplements on the day of screening. You may resume consumption of your medication after screening is completed.

If you are feeling unwell, please reschedule your appointment as fitness and medications such as antibiotics may affect your screening results.

Your urine specimen will only be collected in a sterile container provided on screening day.

Light breakfast will be provided after screening.

What to bring

    • Please bring along your company letter, authorisation letter or staff pass, where applicable.
    • Please bring any of the following documents for verification and registration:
      • Singapore NRIC/ Passport/ Employment Pass/ Work Permit / Visit Pass (for foreigners).
      • Previous medical reports, x-ray / ultrasound scan films and laboratory results
      • Long term medications or names of medications for doctor’s documentation.
      • Stool sample in a sterile plastic container provided by the hospital, collected no more than 24 hours before screening.
      • Reading glasses or contact lenses for vision check.
      • Running attire (T-shirts, shorts and track shoes) if your package includes a treadmill stress test.
      • Letter of Guarantee from your Insurance Company, if applicable.

Special Instructions for Ladies

Screening should preferably be done few days after your last day of menstruation.

Please inform our staff should you be menstruating on the day of screening. Pap smear, urine and stool tests will be postponed as the presence of blood will affect the outcome of the tests.

Please postpone your appointment if you are pregnant or notify us on arrival if you suspect you are pregnant.

Drink 4 to 8 cups of water if your package includes a pelvis ultrasound, as a full bladder is required for the scan.

Do not apply talcum powder, deodorant or body lotion on the day of mammogram examination.

Treadmill Stress Testing

It may take 45-60 minutes to complete (excluding waiting time).

Please bring along your running attire (T-shirts, shorts and track shoes)

Do not take any medication prior to your treadmill test.

If you are recuperating from any injury (eg back, leg, eye etc), please postpone the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

A health screening is the first step to safeguarding your health. Early detection and timely intervention pave the way for early treatment and can reduce future complications and treatment cost. Here is why it is important to be proactive and to take the first step to primary prevention with regular health screening.

What is health screening?

Health screening involves the use of a patient’s history, physical examinations and tests to detect disease early in people who look or feel well.

I feel well. Why do I need to go for a health screening?

A health screening helps you find out if you have a particular disease or condition. Sometimes, you may not show any signs of symptoms or disease. Early detection, followed by treatment and control of the condition can result in good outcome and lowers the risk of serious complications. Certain chronic diseases such as diabetes take time to develop and if detected early can be better managed with less complications and improved long term outcomes. Cancer starts small and by the time a patient feels pain, bloated or an obvious lump, the cancer may already be at an advanced stage.

A person who exercises regularly and watches his or her diet is more likely to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. However, a disease such as cancer can sometimes be totally unexpected. For example, 10% to 15% of lung cancer occurs in non-smokers, especially in Asian women. That is why it is important to get screened even when you feel perfectly healthy.

When should a person start thinking of health screening?

If there is no significant family history of cancer or early heart disease, we encourage young adults under 30 years old to go for health screening every two years, yearly PAP smear test and monthly breast self-examinations. A yearly health screening is suggested for adults over 30 years old.

Many conditions such as diabetes and high blood cholesterol often have no early signs or symptoms.
Planning your health screening in advance can make a difference to your quality of life and ultimately your health as well.

Why do I need to go for health screening at recommended frequencies?

A health screening will only pick up health conditions that are present at the time of screening. Regular screening helps to detect conditions that may develop after the previous screening. That is why it is important to go for screenings at the recommended frequency.

If a patient is asymptomatic, would discovery of a disease increase his stress level?

In the immediate aftermath, a patient may feel apprehensive knowing he has, for example, diabetes or cancer. It is my experience that most patients are actually very thankful that a potentially serious medical problem has been picked up early during a health screening. In fact, most patients will go back and strongly encourage their relatives and friends to go for health screening as well. The doctor handling the consultation also needs to be very tactful in balancing medical facts and giving hope or encouragement to the patient.

There are many health screening packages. How do I select the right health screening package for me?

This will depend on family history (if there is a history of cancer, diabetes or heart disease in the family history), age (older patients tend to develop more problems such as glaucoma), lifestyle (smokers and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle) and any present health complaints.

What is expected during the health screening process?

During registration, our trained counter staff will discuss a suitable health screening package with the patient. This can be subject to changes after consultation with the doctor. Blood, urine and stool tests will then be collected followed by X-rays, ultrasound, CT scans and eye screening. In between these tests, the patient will see the doctor for a full consultation and physical examination. We do our best to ensure that waiting times at the different stations are kept to a minimum. We also have a beautifully designed waiting lounge where patients can have a healthy breakfast of porridge, sandwiches and fruits.