Things to note

  1. Please fast from 10pm the night before. Only plain water is permitted. This ensures accuracy of your blood test results for glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides.
  2. If your package includes stool analysis, avoid red meat and iron supplements for 3 days. Collect the stool sample (about half a teaspoon), in a sterile plastic container provided by the hospital, the night before or on the morning of the appointment.
  3. The entire screening process may take 3 to 4.5 hours, depending on the package selected.
  4. Do not consume any medication or supplements on the day of screening. You may resume consumption of your medication after screening is completed.
  5. If you are feeling unwell, please reschedule your appointment as fitness and medications such as antibiotics may affect your screening results.
  6. Your urine specimen will only be collected in a sterile container provided on screening day.
  7. A light breakfast will be provided after screening.

What to bring


  • Please bring along your company letter, authorisation letter or staff pass, whichever is applicable.


  • Please bring any of the following documents for verification and registration:
    • Singapore NRIC/ Passport/ Employment Pass/ Work Permit / Visit Pass (for foreigners).
    • Previous medical reports, x-ray/ ultrasound scan films and laboratory results.
    • Long term medications or names of medications for doctor’s documentation.
    • Stool sample in a sterile plastic container provided by the hospital, collected no more than 24 hours before screening.
    • Reading glasses or contact lenses for vision check.
    • Running attire (T-shirts, shorts and track shoes) if your package includes a treadmill stress test.
    • Letter of Guarantee from your insurance company, if applicable.

Special Instructions for Ladies

  1. Screening should preferably be done a few days after your last day of menstruation.
  2. Please inform our staff should you be menstruating on the day of screening. Pap smear, urine and stool tests will be postponed as the outcome of the tests will be affected.
  3. Please postpone your appointment if you are pregnant or notify us upon arrival if you suspect that you are pregnant.
  4. Drink 4 to 8 cups of water if your package includes a pelvis ultrasound, as a full bladder is required for the scan.
  5. Do not apply talcum powder, deodorant or body lotion on the day of a mammogram examination.

Treadmill Stress Testing

  1. It may take 45-60 minutes to complete this test (excluding waiting time).
  2. Please bring along your running attire (T-shirts, shorts and track shoes).
  3. Do not take any medication prior to your treadmill test.
  4. If you are recuperating from any injury (eg., back, leg, eye, etc), please postpone the test.