Fussy Eater Workshop

My child is just being difficult. It’s just a phase. Our doctor said it’s fine. While these might sound familiar, they may also be signs that you need to improve your child’s diet. This will support their healthy growth and boost their development for greater learning.

Discover the essential foods children need, strategies to overcome fussy eating, how to cultivate a healthy relationship between your child and food, and simple food preparation for kids at our Fussy Eaters Workshop Series. Find fun in new foods without the fuss!

Join our fussy eater workshop to:

  • Learn to “shop” for ingredients
  • Prepare simple and healthy food
  • Create and plate 3 recipes for lunch and snacks

Programme Highlights:

  • Talk On Nutrition Needs Of Growing Children
  • What Foods Do Children Need To Grow And Thrive?
  • How To Manage Fussy Eating.
  • How Much Should My Children Eat?
  • Hands On On Food Preparation And Plating
  • Expert Tips From Dietitians On Helping Children To Have A Healthy Relationship With Food

Each registration is for 2 pax. (1 adult and 1 child, age between 4-8 years old)

#Workshop Fees – $68 per registration 

Fussy Eater Registration

#Each registration is for 1 session ONLY.

#Fees cover food ingredients used in the workshop, light refreshments and a workshop resource kit sponsored by Nestle Singapore and Mum&Babes to help transition you and your child to a healthier way of eating. The kit a value of over $120 including items like a nutrition plan, a guide to fuss-free eating and simple recipes that you can try at home with your child. Plus, you can use this time to work with our dietitian to discuss about your child’s eating habits for better growth and nutrition.

If you want to know more about the session, please contact us at 63476702 for more information.