At Mount Alvernia Hospital, we have dedicated and experienced Pastoral Carers to support you throughout the period of hospitalization in an environment of trust and confidentiality.

A Service For Everyone

Pastoral Care is available to everyone, regardless of race, nationality or religion. The Clinical Pastoral Care (CPC) team is sensitive and respectful of different faith traditions, beliefs and cultural needs. Chaplains or spiritual guides of other religions are welcomed to visit at the request of our patients.

Sacramental services are available to Catholic patients upon request. Daily Mass is celebrated at the Chapel at 7.45am from Monday to Saturday (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays).

Our wish is to create a caring and therapeutic environment for all, pastoral care services are also available to families and all the staff working in the hospital.

Our Pastoral Carers visit the wards regularly and patients may ask the ward staff for assistance to arrange for them to speak to a Pastoral Carer.

Pastoral Care Service is available from 8.30am to 9pm daily. After these hours, Pastoral Carers are available for emergency and special situations contactable through the Nurse Manager in-charge of the respective wards.

The Pastoral Care team provides support to those who…

  • have an issue to discuss or are concerned about.
  • are anxious about their impending surgery or procedure.
  • want someone to pray with, and for them.
  • are feeling alone, worried, sad or confused.
  • need support to adjust to a wide range of feelings of loss and/or grief.
  • just want a friendly, non-judging, listening ear.