Governance and leadership structures are in place to guide us in providing services as well as to steer us towards responsible stewardship, accountability and controls.

Board members are appointed by the Trustees of the Hospital, acting on behalf of the FMDM Congregation. Board members are appointed for a term of three years. The appointment is renewable for up to two terms.

The Board provides oversight in the following areas:

  • Approval of broad policies, strategies and objectives for the Hospital
  • Monitoring of management performance
  • Overseeing the processes for evaluating the adequacy of internal controls, financial reporting and compliance
  • Approval of annual budgets
  • Corporate governance

To assist in the execution of its responsibilities, the Board has established seven Board Committees, namely:

  • Nomination and Remuneration Committee (NRC)
  • Audit & Risk Management Committee (ARMC)
  • Finance Committee (FC)
  • Hospital Development Committee (HDC)
  • Ethics Committee (EC)
  • Technology Strategy Committee (TSC)
  • Clinical Informatics Committee (CIC)

In addition, a Medical Advisory Board (MAB) elected by specialists and appointed by the Board provides oversight of clinical governance matters. The Chairman of the MAB is also a member of the Board.